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“Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

Baby Face Contest Photo Shoot! March 19, 2009

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So, we finally took advantage of our winnings from the Baby Face Contest that you all helped Gavin to win back in the fall!!! We decided to wait a while to have our photo shoot because we had just taken pictures when he won.  Here is the link to the pictures from the shoot.  He will be in the Little Rock Kids Directory some time in the coming months.  You know I will let you know when that happens!  Enjoy, and I would love to know what you think of them!


Chuck E. Cheese March 15, 2009

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Cory had to work tonight, so I thought I would take Gavin on his first trip to Chuck E. Cheese.  WOW, it was crazy in there!!!! I did not expect there to be so many people, but evidently Chuck E.Cheese is the place to be on a Sunday evening!!!!  We only stayed about 30 minutes, if that long, but I did get a few pics to share with you guys.  Next time, we will have to go back on a quiet weekday afternoon.


cimg2141  cimg2147  chuckecheese

You can’t go to Chuck E. Cheese without getting your sketch photo!


Good times… March 8, 2009

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I know it has been a while since I have posted, so here is the latest in our world.  We purchased a potty for Gavin a few weeks ago.  I just wanted to see how he would respond to it.  He does pretty good.  We are no where near the potty training finish line, but he does sit on it a few times a day.  Every now and then we actually manage to get something in the potty!  On Valentine’s day, we finally had our photo shoot from the Baby Face contest that Gavin won last year thanks to all of your voting!!!!  I went on last week and picked out the pictures that I wanted.  As always, it was so hard to decide!!!!  Once I get my pictures back, our photographer will put them all online.  I will post the link when we get it! 

To break up all the typing, here’s a pic I like of Gavin in Cory’s coat.


On to the weekend… We had a fun eventful day on Saturday!  We went to Jackson’s 2nd birthday party at Oogles and Googles (where I used to work part-time).  We had a fun time playing, singing songs, and especially playing on the parachute!!!! After we left Jackson’s party, we headed to Gavin’s first swim lesson.  Gavin was all about the pool when we went and signed up for classes last week.  Well, we get in the pool, and Gavin starts screaming!!! This was unexpected and lasted for about 5 or 10 minutes.  Then, he finally warmed up.  Of course, by the time he started having a blast and splashing around, it was time to get out of the pool!  Hopefully, he will be good to go when we go back on next week.  His class lasts for seven weeks.  I will keep you posted on his progress.  Pictures from Jackson’s party (the birthday boy is wearing plaid) and Gavin in his swim get-up are posted below!

 cimg2116  cimg2120  cimg2119

cimg2129  cimg2130

cimg2133  cimg2137