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“Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

More Pictures… February 11, 2010

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The rest of the pictures from Chloe’s second photo shoot are done. You can check them out at the link below. Follow this link, click on Clients and enter the password chloe.


Like Brother – Like Sister??? What do you think?

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A friend asked me to post some side by side comparison pictures of Gavin and Chloe to compare them.  Some people have said they look just alike.  I don’t really see it. What do you think?  After I posted these pics,  I think there are some similarities, especially in the bath time picture.  ***I have had a hard time getting these pics right!  I hope they come across right on your screen.  The left hand column is Gavin and the right hand one is Chloe!***




Splish-Splash: Chloe’s 1st Bath!

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Chloe’s 1st Visit to ACH – 3 weeks old

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Chloe had a clinic appointment at Children’s to check her hips out when she was 3 weeks old.  Her pediatrician heard a hip click at her 1 week appt and wanted us to follow up there.  We went in for an ultrasound and were very thankful for great results!!!  While we were there we stopped by the Child Life office to visit.  Here are a couple of pictures with some friends from work.









Knitting for Noggins!

While we were at ACH, Chloe got her first Knitting for Noggins hat!  Knitting for Noggins is a program through our Volunteer Services department at the hospital where people knit or crochet hats for patients of all ages.  If you enjoy knitting and would like to donate to this effort, you can get more info at


I added a little extra decoration to Chloe’s hat! Check her out!



Big Brother Gavin

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Gavin has been a great big brother!!!  He just loves Chloe so much!  He wakes up wanting to see her and he comes in from daycare giving her hugs and kisses!!! We actually have to stop him from kissing on her so much sometimes!  He calls Chloe “my baby” and “my Chloe”.   I hope that they he will always be so loving towards her!  Here are a few pictures of them together.  You can see how proud he is!  



Chloe – 2 weeks old meeting family and friends

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I am still playing catch up.  Here are some pics of Chloe when she was two weeks old.  Cory’s brother and his family came through and she got to meet some of her cousins.  Our friends Denise and Emerson also came by to meet Miss Chloe! It was great seeing all of you!



Backtracking- Let’s Play Catch up!

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Okay, so I am doing this for myself and anyone else that is interested!  I have gotten so behing on blogging. I skipped over Christmas to give updates on Chloe, so I am going to go back now and post my Christmas stuff.

We had a great Christmas.  We stayed in town this year as we were only a little over a week away from Chloe’s arrival!  Leading up to Christmas, I took Gavin to decorate his ornament.  We are making it a tradition for Gavin to go and paint an ornament at the pottery studio each year.  He was so much more into it this year and had a great time!   I forgot to take pictures after we go the ornament on the tree, so I only have the pictures of it before it was fired.

Now on to Christmas… Since we weren’t able to leave town this year, Cory’s parents and his little sister came down to visit us. We had a good time watching Gavin open his gifts.  He was much more into that this year as well.  Here are a few pics from the morning.

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